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In this vertical 5 feet tall oil painting on canvas you can feel the space shifting through many horizon lines. Pieceful river landscape with a single boat on a green shore keeps the painting up like a pedestal while above it air moves in greens and blues leaving lines and shapes on the lands and mountains. White trees that make us think about birches reflect  in deep waters. Light goes up and up and up and on the very top of the painting we see two women sitting comfortably next to each other at the front of an open door. This vast landscape is just a room for them. Dark night with a full moon is outside. The title of this painting is "Longitude" it illstrates how close we can be even when we are far away once we understand each another.


  • 60 x 40 x 2.5"

    oil on canvas


  • This painting requires white gloves service and crate shipping. Approximate price within the United States is 1,000.

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