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Rooms with the View

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

A few months back I painted a painting called "View from a Writer's Studio Window"

In this painting I tell us a story looking through a window. Rocking chair is empty with may be a towel, may be a sweater, may be a Greek flag loosely hanging on it. Floor is painted so realistically wood that we can expect it to squeak. Writer just left, may be he went to have a cigarette outside. On the left side of the window we see a cemetery at night, on the right we see a light emerald space with an airplane and a small American flag above it. Is it an airport? Both totally sincere and eerily haunting this piece illustrates a strange in-between condition of a writer in a foreign country that he wants to call his own. Past and present cross coming into the future.

This painting started a beginning of my new body of work that I tentatively call "Views form the Windows"... There will always be a window broken into sections and two unrelated views + floor and an empty chair, table or bed... there are so many things that can be on the floor that even that idea gives me thrills

I think next Room with the view is of a dancer. Stay tuned.

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