Alexandra Rozenman

9-tea-9 Salons

Alexandra's Salons

This salon is open to all art enthusiasts, whatever your experience level, interests, biases or age.

What are Alexandra's Salons?

Are you stuck creatively or do you just need a relaxing artistic place to talk about art?
This is a communal gathering to get feedback on your past, current or future art projects. Whether your interests are narrative or conceptual, traditional or open-ended these Salons will engage and enrich your understanding of the process. To understand how you work now and find the right way to work with a goal to reach your piece.
I will also facilitate discussions and readings that will address the aesthetic, cultural, personal, and technical aspects of visual thinking.

Please e-mail me ahead of time:  so I will have enough chairs and cups ready.

watch out - schedule is coming soon!

Drop in, hang out, and bring art!

Alexandra Rozenman
(651) 245-9710
99 Franklin Street, Studio
Allston, MA